My eQuals benefits to students and graduates:

  • document portability – access your records 24/7 from anywhere in the world and provide access to third parties you choose via email or link
  • immediate access to certified digital documents, cutting the delays of manual production, processing and post
  • improved experience moving between Australia and New Zealand institutions, as well as abroad
  • secure credentials protected by My eQuals ensures the authenticity of your qualifications for potential employers and other parties you share your documents with
  • faster outcomes for you, as these portable, certified documents streamline administration and lead to faster decision making within institutions
  • reduced cost – less manual production and postage means a more economical system for you
  • increased value of your qualification: employers can trust your documents are genuine
  • increased control and security: you maintain control over who receives access and for how long
    environmental sustainability by reducing printed documents, saving millions of pieces of paper annually in academic record hard copies and other printed graduation documents.